You are running Amsterdam! You Rock!

You are running Amsterdam! You Rock!

Amsterdam Marathon Specials.


Gordon’s Salad

Quinoa salad with almonds from the pan, green cucumber, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, fresh mint, lime juice and olive oil (Healthy fats from nuts, proteins and vitamins)

Gordon Ramsey’s recipe, prepared before his first Iron Man in Congo – Hawaii


Spaghetti Napolitano

Classic spaghetti with Napolitano sauce made from fresh tomatoes, basil and oregano with small touch of Parmiggiano (Carbohydrates and a large dose of vitamins and potassium).

Tagliatelle Maratona

Fresh pasta tagliatelle with chicken and vegetables: onion, peppers, zucchini made on Italian olive oil (Proteins and carbohydrates).


Tartufi Di Cacao 

Three homemade cacao truffles – made from dried dates, cranberries and raisins with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower in three different toppings (Power kick).

You are running AMSTERDAM. You ROCK!